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Most business advisory services (management services) are only used and implemented by large organisations who have a team of internal accountants and advisors. Why, what about small business? Obviously having a team of advisors is not practical or cost effective. However at Ardent Advisors we offer the solution. 

It is imperative to keep track of your businesses performance in order to help grow or sustain your current position. Whether you are a sole trader and want to increase your profitability or have multiple employees and want to increase your efficiency and grow your business we can help.

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Business planning

Start up, is one of the most important stages of your business life cycle as this is the time you build the foundations that your business will rely on throughout its life. You only get one first impression and you want to get it right. with the guidance of an expert you can learn from other peoples mistakes and not only save money but scale and grow quicker. A good plan is the road map which will guide your business through its infancy and onto the growth phase. At ardent we tailor our business planning sessions to suit your needs from simple business plans to planning workshops, we have a solution to meet your needs.

business growth

This is one of the most exciting stages of you businesses life cycle and one of the most difficult. During the growth cycle there are many challenges that are faced, such as cash flow management, information and system development and adjustment, competition and changing market reviews, team and culture development and knowing when to grow, when to stop, change or refocus, just to name a few. At ardent we can guide you through this tricky stage of your business, help you jump the hurdles, face the challenges head on and continue to proposer and grow into the future.

strategic planning

It is extremely important to continue to review your businesses direction and ensure the goals you’ve set are meeting the needs of you and your business. Strategic planning is crucial in reviewing the past and planning for the future. It is a great opportunity to set new goals and priorities while developing a deeper understanding of where to focus the energy and resources of the business. It also allows you to review and respond to the ever changing modern business environment. At ardent we can help build a strategic plan help you plan your next project or refocus your business and your team.


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
— Wayne Dyer


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